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Spezialist for drive engineering
Since 30 Years constant innovation


We have been engaged with drive engineering and conceptions for more than 30 years. Our company’s "drive" concerning drives began through the personal necessity of developing a truly powerful engine for our own model boat, to be able to participate in international competition. Thus, model making was and is our inspiration for innovation and service. Through our dedication to model making, we are constantly confronted with the newest material that continuously increases the requirements placed on an engine. The use of innovative components in model competitive sports continually prods us on. Such as, e.g., the introduction of lithium polymers power packs, that brought about an upsurge of capacity, which we immediately implemented in new and improved products. However, we are still strongly engaged in modeling.

Initially sneered at as a man’s toy, model making represents a highly innovative field of development to our company. Material and technology used in this field, often find access to the industry years later. Those extremely high demands placed on the competition concerning development and material, are our experimental laboratories for serial production. The skills and experience acquired through the implementation of new technology and material within the field of model making is of priceless value. We successfully contribute all of this expertise to the development and implementation of special industrial drives. Today, we develop and produce motors for a multitude of industrial utilizations. In defense technology as well as in the automotive industry, car racing, and medical technology or in plant engineering, our engines are successfully in operation. These are only a few examples of our broadly diversified spectrum of drive.