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Brushless Motors

Inn runner motors

The Inn runner Motor has the opposite construction to the out runner. That means the turning parts are inside and build out of Magnets. The Stator is build around and is made of Iron Plates and copper cable. The shape of the rotor and stator is design by Plettenberg and will take care of minimum weight with maximum efficiency. The development of the design and shape is made to have high performing.
The Plettenberg design is able to build Motor from 4 up to 70 Pols. Our Tube construction compared to the Full magnet construction, has a lower weight and the dynamic improves. To make sure that the rotor is true running we are using a precious computer balance system as well. The stators are handmade to make sure we get maximum packing and precision of the wiring. Every Plettenberg made gearbox is either with needle bearing or ball bearing planetary gears made; this will last longer has lower resistance and gives them proximally 97% degree of efficiency. Our Gearboxes and Motors are tested and proved in the hardest Competitions!


cross section through HP 220/20 with gear

Out Runner Motors

The following Motors are out runner, which means the Stator is build of Iron Plates and copper cable.
The stator is inside the Motor and the Case with the Magnets is running around the Stator. These Motors are building for low RPM´s with high torque. To make sure that the case is true running we are using a precious computer balance system. Our case’s have three instead of two ballbearing for very high precision turning and the case will not run irregular. This technical is build to make the system last longer and we are able to have a minimum space between the stator and the magnet’s on the case. This is build for more coefficients and the high torques. If needed we are able to mount a plate with the fourth ball bearing.



cross section through Orbit